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Generative AI Essentials for Business  and Technical Decision Makers 

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Event description 

Leaders will learn about generative artificial intelligence (generative AI) factors that can help them make clear decisions on projects incorporating artificial intelligence. You will learn about the basics of generative AI terminology and the potential benefits and risks of using generative AI. You will also learn the steps for planning a generative AI project and the key considerations for building a generative AI-ready organization. 

  • Level: Fundamental 

  • Duration: 90 minutes 


This course includes lecture material and in-class discussions. 

Learning Objectives

This event is intended for: 

  • Explain the fundamental concepts of machine learning (ML) and generative AI 

  • Describe the business value of generative AI and typical use cases 

  • Summarize the risks and benefits of generative AI 

  • Define the technical foundations and terminology related to generative AI 

  • Evaluate the risks and mitigations when using generative AI 

  • Explore the steps to planning a generative AI project 

  • Describe the key concepts and strategies for integrating generative AI into an organization  

Intended audience 

This event is intended for: 

  • Business decision-makers 

  • Line of business owners 

  • Technical decision-makers

Event outline  

Module 1: Introduction to Generative AI: The Art of the Possible 

  • Introduction to generative AI 

  • Importance of generative AI 

Module 2: Planning a Generative AI Project 

  • Technical foundations and terminology related to generative AI 

  • Planning a generative AI project 

  • Evaluating the use of generative AI for your projects 

Module 3: Building a Generative AI-Ready Organization 

  • Preparing your organization 

  • Organizing for success 

  • Taking action now 

Registration is mandatory so please submit your details to secure your place at the event.

What is AWS Discovery Days? 

AWS Discovery Days, hosted by official AWS Training Partners, introduce cloud concepts, including 
generative AI, security, machine learning, migrations, and modern data strategy. Expert AWS Instructors will help you learn what’s possible in the cloud, and how to achieve it with AWS. 

East African Time Zone: 10a.m to 11:30 p.m
West African Time ZONE: 12p.m to 1:30 p.m



Registration is mandatory so please submit your details to secure your place at the event.

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