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Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 08 August 2023


This privacy notice applies to any Computer Learning Centre website, application, service, or tool (collectively "Services") where this privacy notice is referenced, regardless of how you access or use them, including through mobile devices.

It also applies to any other communication we may have with you.

We do not knowingly attempt to solicit or receive information from children.


If you have a question or a complaint about this privacy notice, our global privacy standards, or our information handling practices, you can reach the Computer Learning Centre Privacy Office in writing at: Computer Learning Centre, 2nd Floor, Museum Hill Centre /87 Muthithi Road, Nairobi,  Kenya.

You can also email our Computer Learning Centre Privacy Team at  training.kenya@clc-africa.com

Consumers may also reach us by phone at 254 020 5135250.

We do not discriminate against any consumer based on the exercise of their consumer rights..


If you are a training participant, your employer (or other third party paying for training) supplies us with your business contact information: Name, email address, physical address and phone number. Some employers also provide additional identifying information such as an employee ID number. We do not ask for nor do we process sensitive personal information.

If you are purchasing training for yourself or interacting with our Services without being a training participant, we collect the contact information you provide.

In interacting with our Services, we collect IP address and data associated with cookies. We will also generate information about your use of the services, including creating a record of your training.

We do not consider personal information to include information that has been anonymized or aggregated so that it can no longer be used to identify a specific natural person, whether in combination with other information or otherwise.


Identifying information such as your name, addresses, telephone number(s) or email address(es) when you register for an account with us Other content that you generate, or that is connected to your account (such as course attendance, course progress, and user preferences) Postage, billing and other information used to purchase or send course materials, invoices, and other information. You may also provide us other information through a web form, by updating or adding information to your account, through your participation in community discussions, member-to-member communications, chats, dispute resolution, or when you otherwise communicate with us regarding our Services Additional information we are required or authorized by applicable national laws to collect and process in order to authenticate or identify you or to verify the information we have collected



We collect information about your interaction with our Services. This is information we receive from devices (including mobile devices) you use when you access our Services. This information could include the following: Device ID or unique identifier, device type, and unique device token Computer and connection information such as statistics on your page views, traffic to and from the sites, referral URL, ad data and your IP address.



We use cookies, web beacons, unique identifiers, and similar technologies to collect information about the pages you view, the links you click, and other actions you take when using our Services, within our website, advertising or email content



As described above, we collect contact information from employers and other third parties who make purchases on your behalf. We may supplement the personal information we collect directly with information collected from third parties and add it to your account information. For example, we collect and use demographic and other information that is publicly available in an applicable jurisdiction. Social Media: We allow you to share information with social media sites, or use social media sites to create your account or to connect your account with the respective social media site. Those social media sites may give us automatic access to certain personal information retained by them about you (e.g., content viewed by you, content liked by you, and information about the advertisements you have been shown or have clicked on, etc.). You control the personal information you allow us to have access to through the privacy settings on the applicable social media site and the permissions you give us when you grant us access to the personal information retained by the respective social media site about you. By associating an account managed by a social media site with your account and authorizing us to have access to this information, you agree that we can collect, use and retain the information provided by these social media sites in accordance with this privacy notice. We may also use plug-ins or other technologies from various social media sites. If you click on a link provided via a social media plug in, you are voluntarily establishing a connection with that respective social media site.



We collect information when you register for and use the Services. We also collect personal information from you and any devices (including mobile devices) you use when you: use our Services, register for an account with us, provide us information on a web form, update or add information to your account, provide us information at a tradeshow or other event, or when you otherwise correspond with us.

We also collect information when orders are placed from the party making the order. This information is typically provided by an employer, but may be provided directly by you or another third party purchasing services on your behalf.


We endeavor to provide you with choices about how we use your personal information to communicate with you, to send you marketing information, and how we provide you with individualized Services and relevant information. There are some instances, however, where the processing of your information may be limited or determined by others. If your data was provided to us by your employer (or other party paying for our Services on your behalf), we will process the data based on the legitimate interests of your employer in having us provide Services to you in the context of that relationship. We may also process your personal information with regard to our legitimate interest in compliance and maintaining business records. You have a right to object to the processing of your personal information in these circumstances by contacting us at training.kenya@clc-africa.com.


Applicable law in certain countries provides, and this Privacy Statement sets forth, the legal basis upon which we rely in order to process personal data.

Legitimate interests: We may rely on our legitimate interests to process your personal data, provided that our interests are not overridden by your interests, fundamental rights, or freedoms. In particular, we may process your personal data in reliance on a legitimate interest in the effective and lawful operation of this Site and our businesses, as well as the effective delivery of information and services to you. We may have other legitimate interests and, if so, we will make clear what those interests are at the relevant point in time.

Performance of a contract: Computer Learning Centre delivers business and IT training to end user students on the basis of a contract with our customers. These contracts provide for the use of personal data of end user students, such as name, email address, and job title, as necessary to effectuate training delivery.

Compliance with legal obligations: We may process your personal data if necessary


Photo and Video Use Consent Form in Compliance with Kenya Data Protection Act, No 24. Of 2019


Consent to Use Likeness


I hereby grant permission to Computer Learning Centre ( CLC AFRICA ) to use my likeness in photographs and videos taken during [Event/Location/Date]. I understand that these photographs and videos may be used for promotional, educational, or informational purposes by Computer Learning Centre ( CLC AFRICA ) and may be shared on various platforms, including but not limited to websites, social media, print materials, and presentations, in compliance with the Kenya Data Protection Act.


Rights and Usage


1. I understand that I will not receive any financial compensation for the use of my likeness in these photographs and videos.

2. Computer Learning Centre ( CLC AFRICA )  the non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free right and license to use, reproduce, distribute, and display my likeness in the aforementioned materials in accordance with the Kenya Data Protection Act, No 24 of 2019.

3. I understand that my likeness may be edited, cropped, or otherwise altered as deemed necessary by Computer Learning Centre ( CLC AFRICA ) for the purposes mentioned above.


Release and Waiver


I hereby release and discharge Computer Learning Centre ( CLC AFRICA ), its representatives, employees, and any third parties acting under its authority, from any and all claims, demands, or causes of action that I may have in connection with the use of my likeness, including but not limited to any claims for defamation, invasion of privacy, or infringement of personal rights, while ensuring compliance with the Kenya Data Protection Act, No 24 of 2019.




If the person(s) in the photographs or videos is/are a minor(s) under the age of 18, I confirm that I am their parent or legal guardian and have the authority to grant this consent on their behalf. I understand that all the terms and conditions of this consent form apply to the minor(s) as well.

Revocation of Consent


I understand that I may revoke this consent in writing at any time, and upon receipt of such written notice, Computer Learning Centre ( CLC AFRICA ) will cease using my likeness in future materials. However, Computer Learning Centre ( CLC AFRICA ) may continue to use my likeness in materials already in circulation, as permitted by the Kenya Data Protection Act, No 24 of 2019.


Contact Information


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the use of my likeness or this consent form, you may contact me at [ training.kenya@clc-africa.com ] or

[ +254 205135250 ].


By using our website, I acknowledge that I have read and understood the terms of this Photo and Video Use Consent Form and voluntarily consent to the use of my likeness as described herein in compliance with the Kenya Data Protection Act, No 24 of 2019.

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